โรงพยาบาลช้าง / Elephant Hospital

Lampang Elephant Hospital

The Lampang Elephant Hospital was established under the FIO along with the Thai Elephant Conservation Center in 1993. The hospital’s mission is to care for sick elephants free of charge in all cases including those of the FIO, private camps, and individual owners. In addition, the hospital also takes care of confiscated, old, and fierce elephants, abandoned baby elephants, and the management of elephants in musth. Currently there are more than 26 elephants in custody at Ban Pang La, the sanctuary in Pang La, Ngao district, Lampang province. In many cases, this is the last home for elephants and their care focuses on building bonding relationships between people and elephants while feeding freely in the forest. BanPang La also houses a facility where an average of 600 kg of herbal medicines for elephants is produced per month.

Since 1999, expert veterinarians and mahouts have come together to manage rampaging elephants in musth. Their main objective is to ensure minimal loss and injury to elephants and humans. These efforts also include transporting and healing any injured elephants.


Research and Academic Service

The Research and Academic Service was established in 2010. Its objectives are to research and gather knowledge about elephants. In collaboration with public and private external organizations, they study the surveillance of communicable diseases in elephants. Three current research projects conducted under the patronage of the government budget are the disease surveillance project, the semen accumulation and artificial insemination project, and the elephant population database project.


Krabi Elephant Hospital

The Krabi Elephant Hospital was established in 2009 to provide elephant care in 14 southern provinces. Their primary mission is caring for sick elephants from any private camp or owner free of charge.

Lampang Elephant Hospital

Lampang Elephant Hospital dedicates its focus on medical examinations of sick elephants. In 2016, annual check-ups, diagnosis of disease, and follow-up treatments included 833 cases:

Health check                       296 elephants

Diagnosis                            369 elephants

Treatment follow-up            154 elephants

Culture Germs                        9 elephants

Micropathology                       5 elephants


Krabi Elephant Hospital

Krabi Elephant Hospital is responsible for the care of elephants in FIO private camps within the hospital and also with their elephant mobile project. We supervise the work of the elephant rescue team and also the breeding of elephants. In addition, this is a place for donations of private elephants. In 2016, there were 110 patient cases (91 elephants), all of which were from private camps or owners.